Corporate Wellness

Corporate Nutrition and health coaching to support your staff physical and mental wellbeing

Support your staff wellbeing by empowering people to make the healthiest food choices

My Nutrition and Wellness Programmes combine nutrition advice with health coaching to provide the right plans for your staff and then coach them so they can find motivation and ongoing commitment to follow it. This combined approach has been proven successful at improving the nutritional wellbeing and health of staff members, increasing resilience to stress, boost morale and performance levels and create an overall happier and more committed workforce.


I offer several initiatives and programmes that have shown to produce tangible and measurable health and productivity benefits as well as higher levels of employee engagement and lower levels of absenteeism.

Business Meeting

Talks & Group Workshops


Talks & group workshops are informative and fun ways to create an interest in food and wellness. They typically run for 60 to 90 minutes and include:


  • A talk on a specific topic
  • A group exercise to engage with staff and consolidate new knowledge
  • To do list or cheat sheet with easy health tips to put into practice right away
  • Email follow up to all participant to boost accountability and provide with extra tips on the topic discussed


My most popular topics are “Easy nutritional strategies to manage stress”, “5 Ways to boost your energy without caffeine”, “Immune boosting foods and how to keep healthy in winter”.


Drop-in Clinics


Drop-in clinics are the best complement to talks and workshops. These are ideal to start employees on their own personal healthy journey. Drop-in clinics can be booked for half a day or a full day and include:


  • 15 to 20 minutes individual coaching session
  • Personalised health and energy questionnaire review
  • Top tips for the employee to take away and start implementing right away
  • Personalised follow up email with extra resources and tips

Wellness Programmes


Wellness Programmes are longer programmes, to be run onsite or online, length may vary from 4 to 12 weeks. Just like a book club, employees will get together regularly to discuss their progress, support each other and learn about foods and nutrition. These programmes are great to bring people together and build true morale by sharing their journey to health and celebrating milestones together. Programmes can be tailored to your business needs, as well as those of your employees. Wellness programmes include:


  • Initial talk provided onsite to introduce the plan to employees and answer any questions from the participants
  • Onsite or online support delivered via a private Facebook group
  • Health questionnaires
  • Menu plans and bespoke recipes
  • Mini challenges and competition to maximise participants’ engagement and motivation


All services are priced depending on group sizes and frequency of delivery and interaction. Contact me HERE (link to email) to receive a personalised quote.

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